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Richard has been a photographer for 30 years, initially, in 1980, he worked as a civilian for the British Army doing reconnaissance, battle camps and PR. He then worked as a photographer for Criterion Studios as a wedding photographer, quickly realising that this type of photography was not a path to follow.

Whilst working as a model for Lanvin, he met Gian Paolo Barbieri, one of the most celebrated fashion photographers of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, who took Richard on as an intern, which was his introduction into fashion photography. From this he then became a fashion week named photographer in the 1980’s, travelling the world on campaigns for many high-end retail brands and magazines.

Richard still undertakes contracts to this day, however, in recent years he has built a name for creating government tourism office photo libraries, especially in The Caribbean, The United States, Oman, The Middle East and The Indian Ocean, where he has compiled libraries comprising all aspects of tourism-related subject matter including aerial and underwater.

Today he works on modelling portfolio’s for newcomers to the industry and commercial work for fashion and retail brands