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About Me


I am a professional photographer based in Barbican, City of London specialising in Jewellery Photography.

I’ve photographed my first event – a wedding at the age of 16. I’ve used 5 colour 35mm films and it seemed a lot at the time! This was more than 20 years ago. Since then I’ve completed A levels in Art Photography and MA in Fine Arts / Multimedia Art. I’ve bought and sold many cameras and lenses and a lot has changed within the industry.

I love photography, it is my life and I don’t limit myself to any particular genre. I specialise in jewellery and silverware product photography but I also do lots of events throughout the year as well as portraits.

I’m also shooting videos and animations. I design websites and host many of them on my webserver. I am often engaged in graphic design projects.

All these skills allow me to create a full brand design identity where I can shoot products, design and build the website and create the videos and other promotional materials to be used on social media platforms.

I’m also the mum of two lovely girls which are taking most of my time so whenever I’m working I’m trying to be as efficient as possible.